Decipher Chinese

Decipher Chinese is a great app to practice reading. Everyday a new small news-text is published and graded into different HSK levels. The advantage of the app is that you can also listen to the sentences and translate online as you read. One text a day is for free.

It works on Android, iPhone or on your PC.


Hanping Pro

I use this dictionary almost everyday. The words are tagged with HSK levels and you can create your own flashcards with sharing the word and then put it in the Ankidroid app (explained later below).

The app works on Android and iPhone.



Hanping Camera

This is a valuable add on to Hanping. You can point your camera on anything written and it will translate it to English. From there, you can also put the single words in flashcards.



AnkiDroid (Flashcard App)

This Flashcard app can basically be used to study any topic, not just Chinese.  You can download free card-decks with HSK words, New Practical Chinese Reader Vocabulary etc.  Looked up words in Hanping can be ‘shared’ to AnkiDroid.

Only available for Android.